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Yatra Guide

The Holy Yatra of Mata Vaishno Devi begins at Katra Town and pilgrims have to trek 13 kms to reach the Darbar. One can cover this track either by foot, on Horses/Ponies or Palanquins, many pilgrims prefer to go on foot. After one  and half kilometer from Katra, the place called Banganga, The significance of this holy place, where Mata quenched her thirst and at 6 km further, is the holy cave at Adhkawari. In this holy cave where Mata meditated for nine months. Pilgrims visit the cave. Then after 9.5km the place named Sanjichatt, here is the helipad, those people came by helicopter has to land here only, you would reach Sanjichhat where you can rest for some time. Accommodation is also available at this place. Bhawan is just 3.5 km. away. The entire track is quite wide and lit up by powerful lamps at night. Shelter cum sheds and cafeterias are found throughout the track. There are many restaurants served pure vegetarian foods in a very reasonable price. Water dispensers are installed for Drinking water. Public Utilities are also available.

The Darshan Procedure:

At the entrance to the cave is a place called Bhavan or Darbar (The court of the Great Goddess), pilgrims can get the first glimps, from 1.5kms. before reaching the Darbar/Bhawan. While entering the Bhawan one can see a huge building on the right side i.e. Sridhar Sabha, a society after the name of Pt. Shri Dhar. Further you can see Rawal Pindi Sabha, this was constructed by Maharaj of Ranbir Singh of jammu. After reaching here the first and foremost task is to get the the group number issued on token issued in Yatra Slip Counter situated on the left side immediately after luggage check counter. Here the pilgrims are issued a token number on the Yatra Parchi. The group no. and the tentative time for the Yatri's turn has mentioned on the token. After that on the left hand side pilgrims will get Bhent shop operated by Shrine Board, where the worshipper can buy Prasad (offering to the God a little of which is returned to the devotees).

After that pilgrims take a purificatory bath in Charan Ganga the water coming out of the Cave. This bathing ghat is just below the temple. After the bath pilgrims needs to deposit their belongings at the cloakroom & locker nothing except cash and Prasad allowed inside the Holy Cave. All articles of general use like belts, wrist watches with leather belts, combs, pens, pencils, purses, handbags etc. are prohibited inside the Holy Cave. After taking bath and deposit belongings in cloak room pilgrims has to reach at Gate No-1. There pilgrims has to wait for their turn, Group no will announce or display on display board. Once their turn will come they will allowed proceeding for the Darshan.

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